What is CISSP Certification, Salary and Requirements?
Anyone with experience in information security and a high-end understanding of the latest online and off-line threats might consider a career in security analytics. It’s an approach to cybersecurity that uses data to generate the best solutions to the most troubling security concerns facing businesses today. 

If you believe working as a security analyst could be the perfect opportunity; you’ll have to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). We’ve explained all the details below. 

What is the CISSP Certification?
The CISSP Certification is a qualification aimed at security professionals who want a broad knowledge of the latest cybersecurity and information system security services. Originally created by the Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC), the CISSP Certification covers topics including disaster recovery planning, management practices, cryptography, networking security and is now considered the standardised knowledge of the field.

Requirements For CISSP Certification
If you are working full time as a paid security analyst, and have been for the last five years in at least two of the eight domains covered by CISSP, then you meet the requirements to get a CISSP Certification. College graduates and students may also be able to qualify for the CISSP Certification if their credentials are ISC approved. Finally, ICS associates can earn CISSP as they gain experience.

Job Description of CISSP Certification, Roles and Responsibilities 
As a CISSP Certification security expert, it is your responsibility to protect the private information of a business. Your role will include identifying and analysing your client’s security needs and explaining the issues and recommending them the best solutions. 

A CISSP certified security analyst will confidently be able to create systems of policies and procedures designed to better protect businesses from security issues. These may include disaster recovery policies, network architecture and design, telecommunication, management practices, cryptographic protocols and designing physical and network security systems. 
cissp salary

The technical knowledge required for CISSP Certification is applicable in a wide variety of industries, and a certified security analyst can easily find freelance work online through websites like Field Engineer. There is a high demand for security analysts with CISSP Certification making it a sensible career move to anyone in the industry. 
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